Condolence & Memory Journal

My sincerest condolences...

Posted by Lisa - CA   January 20, 2015

Hi sweet Collen. I came across this page today thinking about you. Loved the pictures. You were such a precious baby and a fun, intelligent person. You are STILL very much loved and greatly missed. I'm sure you are entertaining all of the Angels in heaven!! Xo

Posted by Debbie D - Rosemead, CA - Childhood Neighbor & 4ever Frien   January 14, 2015

She was a huge reader - a memorable feat was reading the whole set of Little House & the Prairie books 7x! Or was is more?! I loved laying around and devoring books with her. We'd whip through them & then trade. Some of my favorite lazy summer days!

Posted by Susie - Costa Mesa, CA - Cousin   January 09, 2013

~sisty ugler~

Posted by Melissa Devlin - Yosemite, CA - sister   December 06, 2012


My little baby girl. So facinating and full of energy. Always a joke or little trick, delt out by her. Interesting stories and of course she was so funny. A very social child and person. Visited the neighbors to play with the "lite bright" while the kids were in school. Loved when new sister came along and she didn't have to be the grandma or the dog when they played house. Loved her skateboard. Great mathamatician, loved games, tennis and music. Favorite color Irish Green. Beautiful eyes and teeth.
So very missed. Picture her in heaven with Grandparents and friends keeping them entertained and playing cards.

Posted by Mom - Seal Beach, CA - Colleen's Mom   December 06, 2012


I love you and miss you. I think about you everyday. Your girls are doing good, you grandkids are growing.

Posted by Melissa Devlin - Yosemite, CA - sister   December 05, 2012