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Another beautiful weather dya here today, Hon, temps only in mid 70's,low humidity & beautiful skies with low cirrus clouds.

Left here apx 1:45, drove to the Social Security office in Smithfield. Someone told me that if I'm a disabled vet that I'm entitled to help from SS but turns out that there are so many criteria that I'm not entitled, boooo!

Home by 4:30, hooked up Kelsey for our walk & I must say it was a beautiful walk, nice cool

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Apr 29, 2016

Great weather day here today, Hon, nice mild temps, cool breeze, high cirrus clouds & moderate humidity...shoot, I'll take this weather any day of the day.

Had dinner last nite with Bill & Melinda & Melinda's Mom was here for a visit to see her grandsons, she left apx 8:30 this a.m.

Apx 1:30, I hitched up Kelsey for our walk & right now she's lying here on the floor as I write this, I've not fixed her dinner dish yet but

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Apr 23, 2016


Another nice weather day here today, Deb, a little warm in the early 70's, high cirrus clouds & low humidity.

Left here apx 1:30, went to the gym & only used the swim pool for kick laps & the ab crunch & a little of the elliptical gizmo.

Left there apx 3:45, straight home & hooked up Kelsey for our walk & right now she's lying at my feet as I write this, it's apparent that she doesn't like the heat too

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Apr 21, 2016


What an absolutely great weather dya today, Hon, perrrrfect temps, super low humidity, high cirrus clouds & more of the same for tomorrow, BUT, rain for Fri, but, ok, we need it bad, there's been no rain for almost 2 weeks now, everything dry.

Didn't do much of anything just went to dry cleaners to drop off some pants, then over to Loew's food store to get a fresh roasted chicken for Kelsey. I did NOT have a decent nites sleep

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Apr 20, 2016


Beautiful weather, temps the highest so far this year, went up to almost 90 but humidity was tolerable, tomorrow is supposed to be apx 10-15 degrees cooler, man oh, man, then it's got to be just perfect & I hope this fine weather holds up for the 1st week of May (2 weeks from now) when we go to Emerald Isle for the week. Gosh Hon, I wish You were here with us to be able to help us enjoy

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Apr 19, 2016

another gorgeous weather day today Hon, but a lot warmer than previous days, temps hit mid 80's, low humidity, nice clouds.

After breakfast, I hooked up Kelsey for our walk & then I went over to the gym, not to do any workout but just use the pool & the stair climber & mid section crunch.

Home by 4:30, wash the Avalon (was filthy)
& now it's almost 8pm & I've got to shower & have dinner, my head is spinning form an

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Apr 18, 2016


What an absolutely fantastic weather day here today, Deb, beautiful blue skies, super low humidity & temps only lo 70's, I could take this all year & we're supposed to have the same rest of this week & may even get a little warmer.

Left here apx 9am, went to church, very good sermon & although the first 2 music selections were humdrum the rest of the selections were fantastic! Stop at Target to get some soda & a wall clock

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Apr 17, 2016


BEAUTIFUL WEATHER DYA HERE TODAY, hON, NIE BLUE SKIES, HIGH CIRRUS CLOUDS & temps in the mid 60's, can take this weather any time & supposed to get warmer this week.

I worked on the riding mower today, changing the oil, the gas filter, air filter, oil filter & not enough time to use the mower to cut the grass, just left enough time to wash the 'Vette of the last of the pine tree pollen...YEAHHH, the pollen appears to over!


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Posted by: Dan dan............    Apr 16, 2016


Another really great weather day today, Hon, except, just like the three previous days, pretty much on the cool side, like, in the low 60's with a cool breeze & wispy high cirrus clouds, no rain coming.

Left here apx 2:45, went out to pay the cable bill & my credit card, home by 4:30 & then hooked up Kelsey for our walk, stop at Erick's house where Kelsey has her friend, Coach. When home, I used a Neti pot to

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Apr 15, 2016


Another very nice weather day but a little cool, but, will take this type weather any day, fer sure!

Left here apx 2pm, drove out to the Riverwood gym, haven't been there in a couple of months, but, did not do any of the machines except some abdominal crunches after my swim. I just used the pool to do kick laps, I tried to do soe regular laps but I could feel the pain in my shoulder so, quit that. After

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Apr 14, 2016