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Honey Obba.....

Beautiful weather here today Hon, temps in low 70's, hope the winter is saying ByeBye!

Had a meeting at a restaurant for this club I joined, ROMEO, RetiredOldMenEatingOut, at an Asian place, stop at bank next door on way home to pay credit card bill, home by 1:15. The4 street was flooded with all kinds of trucks, huge concrete jobs, ready to pour the foundation next door. Kelsey taking it pretty good as long as I'm here.

There are still five

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Feb 15, 2018


Today is rainy & damp, supposedly more heavy rain coming in from the SW & it's hampering the work crews here to get their work done.

I'm still awakening to terrible burning chest & trembles, I think 1 day just to jump in the car & go to the VA hospital. I went to the old hood yesterday after my dental visit & saw Melinda & the folks that bought the house from me were outside doing yard work & I

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Feb 10, 2018


Pretty drab day here today, HOn, lotsa heavy clouds, now rainy, supposed to be nicer weather tomorrow...what IS good is that the work crews here were quiet in the afternoon but very busy this's really going to get a lot louder when they start framing the 2houses that are on each side of me here & when pouring the concrete foundations.

I'm really having sleep problems especially the early hours, I awake to heart pounding & chest burning sensation like

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Feb 07, 2018


Don't get on this 'puter too much & this is where I can only get to Your Memorial.
I get chest paind when I think about my giving up on the old neighborhood & I need sleeping pills to get to sleep & when awake I get gnawing away from regrets, like, what if I need help, & Kelsey? She's away from her vet & I'm away from all those convenient things ALSO the quietude of the neighborhood, Kelsey misses rolling

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Feb 03, 2018


Weather has turned out for the better, had plenty sunny skies today unlike previous days to where cloudy, cold & a snowstorm.

Had to go to the VA hospital yesterday to get my sleeping meds, they were not put in the mail as my MD had stated. Had gotten a ride from a neighbor who really went to bat for me because I was so weak form not having slept & he took me to the Pharmacy there, we have such

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Jan 20, 2018

Hi, Deb.......

So sorry it's been a while since I last wrote here....things have been pretty crazy withy this move to Durham....

Kelsey is ot liking it & I'm questioning my sanity as to why not only did I make this move BUt WHY pray tell have I picked the WORST lot, there's construction all around me seems every day....looks like it's going to go on for a couple more months & really don't know how much longer can ask Kelsey &

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Jan 16, 2018


Another beautiful weather day here today, Hon, temps in the mid 60's have pretty much been the norm for the past week but cooler weather in the 50's on the way, regular for this time.

Walked Kelsey in a.m., she wanted to sit several times & sometimes when she does I can't get her to move, she oves to sit & just look around at the trees & etc.

Went to Loew's home store & picked up some extra packing boxes &

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Nov 28, 2017


Sorry to not have written for a while, things are moving very fast, thankfully, the house is sold & to a very nice couple. They offered full price $239,900. but I had to pay $3,000, for them to get their mortgage. They closed the sale 2 weeks ago but are letting me stay here until the house in Briar Creek is completed, expecting to be in 2 weeks form now.

I am having mixed feelings leaving here for I have the

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Nov 26, 2017


Gorgeous weather lately HOn, temps in low 70's & very moderate humidity.

Had to make a fast walk with Kelsey today because my friend wanted to come over early to help take Your furniture from the bonus room so I could display them for my Garage Sale. My back is killing me! Those furniture pieces were friggin' HEAVY!

Finished putting up the for sale display apx 5:30. Earlier I had put out some Garage Sale signs. Right now Hon it's pushing 9pm

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Oct 20, 2017


Another rainy day here today Deb, the sun never peeped out from under dark heavy clouds.
Left here 7:30, drove to Durham VA hospital to meet with ear specialist who critiqued my status for screeching ear noises. he suggested that I have a brain scan.
Then went to see my new house, nothing changed since last visit last week.
Then to Raleigh to Lexus dealer to have car looked at for muffler noise, home by 6pm, then walked Kelsey the full walk.


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Posted by: Dan dan............    Oct 16, 2017