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No church today, they had scheduled a service in Benson Park for an outdoor service & weather-wise, it appeared that it was going to rain any second & it was that way all friggin' day but no rain.

Left here apx 10:45, I drove to BJ's & picked up food items ($99. worth) & had taken Kelsey along with me. I was in the store for at least 45 minutes & I had concerns to have left her there for that

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Sep 25, 2016


PHEW! Really heated up today with temps close to 90 & humidity in the 70's, really made thngs very uncomfortable but temps & humidity are supposed to be more temperate starting tomorrow & for the better part of this coming week...we'll see.

Apx 4:30, had met with a neighbor, Gilda, who wants to get her pistol license & we went to the sporting goods store, Cabela's so she could look at some pistols & get mor einfo. From there, I had

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Sep 24, 2016


we broke from the rains & lousy weather that we've had over the past few days & the sun finally broke thru apx 2:30 & temps started to rise a bit.

Really way too tired to take Kelsey for a walk so I just opened the rear door & away she went but I didn't see her go.

Apx 4:15, I got myself together & drove to Garner to go to the gym & did a bit of a workout, left there

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Sep 23, 2016


and yet another rainy day, the sun is forever hidden & the humidity is around 100% & more for the rest of this week.

Apx 1:30, I threw Kelsey in the car (no walk this a.m. due to rain) & away we went to WalMart, I picked up fresh mile & a fresh roasted chicken for Kelsey, I hope she eats it it's not the regular one that I usually get for her. Home by 3: & I laid down for

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Sep 21, 2016


never saw the sun today, Hon, very bleak weather with some rain at times, temps only in mid 70's & HUGE amounts of humidity, supposed to be like this pretty much for rest of this week.

I did NOTHING today, Hon, never left the house, just had chit-chat with my Jewish friend Stevie from the old Brooklyn neighborhood, I've known Stevie from when we were in high school, still lives in the house he was brought up in, never had another

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Sep 20, 2016


Very cloudy up until noon & then, finally, the rains came & pretty heavy I might add, very welcome because we had not had any rain in past 2 weeks.

Apx 10:30 I hitched up Kelsey & away we went for our walk, and of course we made several stops, 1 less than usual because it started to rain.

Apx 4:45, I went to the gym & did a bit of a moderate workout, home by 6:20 & just fixed Kelsey's food

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Sep 19, 2016


Beautiful day today, Hon, pretty damn warm I might add even though the temp[s were only in upper 80's & humidity tolerable.

Apx 9am, drove to Garner to church service, the choir was ok & same with the service. Afterwards, I went to BJ's & got some food items, apx $97. worth, it's always a good thing to come out of there with spending less than $100.
Home by 12:, fast breakfast & lay around just lollygagging watching tv, laid down for

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Sep 18, 2016


Another beautiful weather day here today, Hon, temps in mid to upper 80's, moderate humidity, no sign of rain but we need it really really bad, supposed to get some tomorrow & more on Monday, we need it!

Had a terrible nite with trying to get some sleep, had some acid reflex apx 1am, got some yogurt to calm it down & tried to get back to sleep & I just laid there!
Got up 8:30, really groggy & tried to go

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Sep 17, 2016


beautiful eather dya here today, Hon, humidity a little high but temps only in low to mid 80's & more of the same coming BUT, we really need rain, none over the past couple, of weeks so, all is dry.

Apx 10:30, I hooked up Kelsey & away we went for a spirited walk, she did not sit so many times so the walk was quicker than usual which give me more time to get some house things done....

Left here apx

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Sep 16, 2016


Great weather day today Hon, temps in upper 80's along with higher than moderate humidity & more of the same for the rest of this week, but, little by little, the temps are heading downward to a hopefully a much sought-after Fall.

Even though I was prepared to hitch up Kelsey, she snuck around me while in the garage & wandered off & hopefully she took care of her 'business'. Went for a haircut, then paid my Cable & credit card

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Sep 15, 2016