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Beautiful weather today Hon, temps only in low 80's but humidity a little high. You can tell the weather is changing due to a lot of leaves are falling, a clear sign summer's over.

Left here apx 4:30, drove to the gym in Garner, did a little bit of a workout, home by 6:30, hooked up Kelsey outside so she can get out for a bit.

Need to get a shower & to bed, Hon, I have a Med apt tomorrow at

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Sep 18, 2017


Went to the building site this a.m. to discuss the building process with a field manager then over to the site itself where it could be seen that ready to pour the concrete slab. They tell me the closing to be late Nov to Mid Dec.

From there, stop at Kohl's & get some new shorts, the old ones are cargo-style & outdated, & got some other items also all to the tune of $279., but, that's ok, I didn't buy

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Sep 14, 2017


Just stopped by to say I Love You & how Kelsey & I miss You so very Much....

A HUGE HUG for my SweetHeart & a HUGE KISS for my Lovely Lady...Love & Miss You my HoneyObba...SWAK....Dan

Posted by: Dan dan............    Sep 13, 2017

Wonderful weather here today, Hon, low humidity & temps only in the mid 70's, just great!

Walked Kelsey the full walk & she only wanted to sit 3 times & the last one was pretty hard for her to get up I think because she enjoys the shade of a HUGE oak tree.

Left here apx 4:30, drove to Garner to the gym & did a very brief workout, didn't want to overdue it because I've not been there in almost 2

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Sep 07, 2017


Got pretty damn warm here today Hon, temps went to low 90's & the humidity was high as well.
Hitched up Kelsey apx 10:30 & we only went for a short walk, had taken the short cut thru Bill's back yard.

Left here apx 3, drove to Loew's home store & picked up 6 bags of wood chips for an area in the back yard that really needs it. Apx 5:30, I fired up the riding mower & made the lawn

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Sep 04, 2017


Pretty nice weather day here today Hon, after the early morning rainfall ceased. The humidity is a killer due to the very heavy rainfall we had here last night. I did not take Kelsey for her walk as per the vet's instructions to not have Kelsey moving around a lot.

Did some cleaning up around here & the realtor came over at 1pm. We talked a couple of hours, he's a nice guy & suggested that I start my asking price

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Sep 02, 2017


Had to take Kelsey to the vet today, she was favoring her rear right leg appearing to be in pain, so, I took her to Carolina Ranch & dropped her off. Apx 3pm, I got call from the vet saying it appears Kelsey pulled a tendon & gave her some meds with instructions that she be not so active for next couple of days. I was so damn afraid that it may have been an ACL problem that was diagnosed

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Sep 01, 2017


Beautiful weather lately, appears we've broken the torrid heat wave that covered this area for the past 3 weeks. Had a terrible night trying to sleep, just wake up & lie there for hours at a time, I'm really tired & just slump around all day with no aim to do Anything!

Left here apx 4:45, drove to Garner for the gym & did an abbreviated workout, have not been there in almost 2 weeks & my body feels like it,

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Aug 30, 2017


Sorry to not have written over past couple of days, but, You are always in my heart.
FINALLY! The heat wave has broken, today was just fantastic, I mowed the grass & when 5pm rolled around I don't know where the energy came from but I stained & sealed the rear wood deck, it really looks pretty good if I must say so myself !

Left here 8:30, drove to Garner for church service, it along with the choir was inm a

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Aug 27, 2017


Another pretty warm weather day here tday Hon, but perfectly acceptable even though the humidity was pretty high but the temps & humidity is supposed to moderate over the next week, can't come soon enough, yessss!

Did lots of nothing today, just feelin' lazy is all except later in afternoon I trimmed some shrubs. Friend Ron came over & he replaced the rubber seals on the garage doors, what a friend, he's done so much for me, can't thank him enough,

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Posted by: Dan dan............    Aug 24, 2017