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Little brother it has been 60 months or something like 1826 days since you left,seems like only yesterday we was talking about Scotty getting knocked off for them gun and how he was a super gangster, we laughed it up real good.It's the little silly thing like you singing commercials or making your own words up to song we all knew you really didnt know the words to but you would still sign the shit out of it.Funny thing is

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Posted by: Randy Schultz - indianapolis, IN - Big Brother   Sep 21, 2014

I'm not sure what I would do without them but to tell the truth I don't ever think of me without them, they are my life and motivation for everything in my life.Life will never be the same without you,I find myself in a kind of daze thinking about you some days.Not a day goes by without you in my head,i know I'll never forget you and I promise my children will know who their UNCLE NOAH is, no matter

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Posted by: Randy Schultz - indianapolis, IN - Big Brother   Sep 21, 2014

Little brother please forgive me for all the wrong that I thought you (like trafficking things to me when I was in prison when you was only 14) I don't know what I was thinking.You would always do what I asked even if you knew it was wrong,you learned so many bad things from me and the way I lived, now I'm older I realize all you wanted
was my approval.I know i cant take back what i showed you,

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Posted by: Randy - indianapolis, IN - big brother   Aug 20, 2014

Hey there Uncle Noah , I miss you bunches . I need you the most right now , it is crazy how things are . It seems like yesterday you were telling me everything was going to be alright and saying you loved me and have me a big bear hug . I will see you again one day , rest with love I love you

Posted by: olivia schultz - indianapolis, IN - niece   Jul 22, 2014

Love you little brother

Posted by: Randy - indianapolis, IN - big brother   Feb 01, 2014

Hey Uncle Noah . I Know It's Been Kinda A Long Time Since I've Been On Here So II Thought Ima Just Stop By . There Isn't A Day I Don't Think About You . It's About To Be Another Christmas Without You . It Was Hard . I'm Fifteen Now . Mariah's Sixteen Now . Tiffanys Turning Fourteen . We're Growing So Old . I'm Trynna Stay Strong For You . I Love You O'So Much . It's Just Hard . I Will See You Again One Day . I Miss You /: I Love You Lots <3>

Posted by: Olivia Schultz - indianapolis, IN - niece   Dec 20, 2013

Long story kind of short (which I'm sure you already know) October 9 2013 I found out some bad news about my health, which sooner or later I will die and finally be with you amd papaw. Mentally I've been a freakin mess, haven't even worked since ive found out.I haven't told anyone but the people you already know about, I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me or try and be around when they havent really been around anyhow.

Posted by: Randy Schultz - Indianapolis, IN - Big Brother   Dec 10, 2013

What's up lil bro, working on 51 months without you.Not a second of everyday do I not think about you and things I wish I could of said or did to help you, or just been there for you like a real big brother should be.I look back over the years and see several things I could have did different

Posted by: Randy Schultz - Indianapolis, IN - Big Brother   Dec 10, 2013

Hey Uncle Noah , well tomorrow I am going to Kentucky with Randi Rose , Maw & Paw ! Mom & Dad are dropping us off !!! Tomorrow Aunt Becky will be gone for 1 whole year , not looking forward to it at all ! Soon you will be gone for 5 years D: I miss you so much Uncle Noah !!!!! I love you & miss you !

Posted by: Olivia - indiianpolis, IN - Niece   Jul 12, 2013

Well , Mariah just turned 16 yesterday & today is Jaylin's birthday ! They are 16 , we're all getting big !! ( : Sunday is gonna be fun . but not as much as fun without you ! I will still think about you ! I miss you so much ! I love you !

Posted by: Olivia - indianapolis, IN - niece   Jun 28, 2013