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Little brother please forgive me for all the wrong that I thought you (like trafficking things to me when I was in prison when you was only 14) I don't know what I was thinking.You would always do what I asked even if you knew it was wrong,you learned so many bad things from me and the way I lived, now I'm older I realize all you wanted
was my approval.I know i cant take back what i showed you,

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Posted by: Randy - indianapolis, IN - big brother   Aug 20, 2014

Hey there Uncle Noah , I miss you bunches . I need you the most right now , it is crazy how things are . It seems like yesterday you were telling me everything was going to be alright and saying you loved me and have me a big bear hug . I will see you again one day , rest with love 💕 I love you 💙

Posted by: olivia schultz - indianapolis, IN - niece   Jul 22, 2014

Love you little brother

Posted by: Randy - indianapolis, IN - big brother   Feb 01, 2014

Hey Uncle Noah . I Know It's Been Kinda A Long Time Since I've Been On Here So II Thought Ima Just Stop By . There Isn't A Day I Don't Think About You . It's About To Be Another Christmas Without You . It Was Hard . I'm Fifteen Now . Mariah's Sixteen Now . Tiffanys Turning Fourteen . We're Growing So Old . I'm Trynna Stay Strong For You . I Love You O'So Much . It's Just Hard . I Will See You Again One Day . I Miss You /: I Love You Lots <3>

Posted by: Olivia Schultz - indianapolis, IN - niece   Dec 20, 2013

Long story kind of short (which I'm sure you already know) October 9 2013 I found out some bad news about my health, which sooner or later I will die and finally be with you amd papaw. Mentally I've been a freakin mess, haven't even worked since ive found out.I haven't told anyone but the people you already know about, I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me or try and be around when they havent really been around anyhow.

Posted by: Randy Schultz - Indianapolis, IN - Big Brother   Dec 10, 2013

What's up lil bro, working on 51 months without you.Not a second of everyday do I not think about you and things I wish I could of said or did to help you, or just been there for you like a real big brother should be.I look back over the years and see several things I could have did different 

Posted by: Randy Schultz - Indianapolis, IN - Big Brother   Dec 10, 2013

Hey Uncle Noah , well tomorrow I am going to Kentucky with Randi Rose , Maw & Paw ! Mom & Dad are dropping us off !!! Tomorrow Aunt Becky will be gone for 1 whole year , not looking forward to it at all ! Soon you will be gone for 5 years D: I miss you so much Uncle Noah !!!!! I love you & miss you !

Posted by: Olivia - indiianpolis, IN - Niece   Jul 12, 2013

Well , Mariah just turned 16 yesterday & today is Jaylin's birthday ! They are 16 , we're all getting big !! ( : Sunday is gonna be fun . but not as much as fun without you ! I will still think about you ! I miss you so much ! I love you !

Posted by: Olivia - indianapolis, IN - niece   Jun 28, 2013

I wish you being gone was just a dream. I miss you uncle noah. love you

Posted by: Jaylin - indianapolis, IN - nephew   Jun 19, 2013

Hey Uncle Noah !!! (: I miss you like CRAZY !!! This family is fading & we need you like REAL bad ! It seems like no one likes each other anymore ! /: Jaylin I can tell is breaking down ! It seems like he thinks no one cares ! & I do ! But I have his back , always have & always will ! I have Alexis , Allie , & Alyssa's backs too & even Aunt

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Posted by: Olivia Schultz - indianapolis, IN - niece   Jun 18, 2013